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SO I was talking to my ex-friend/friend and I told her about my situation with Andrew and she understood the emotional pain I am going through because of everything that he means to me. So she told me that maybe she could talk to him and I didn’t really say anything but she says that it’s up to him. As I figured it would be, but let me just TYPE OUT TO YOU WHAT SHE SAID TO HIM and what he said.

"Can I talk to you?"


"Mika was talking to me and she hasn’t in a month. But I’d like to know both sides to stories. If you don’t mind anyways. I usually wouldn’t do this but if you don’t want to tell everything then can you answer three simple questions?"

"Go ahead with your questions"

"Ok thank you. First one: when did you and your gf break up?"


"Two: did you ever have feelings for Mika?"

"Yes always have"

"Three: now what are you going to do about that?"

"Idk I’m confused with everything and just need time to think about everything. I like her a lot always have, always fought to have her"

"Because deleting and not talking to her will only push her away. She feels broken Andrew. She was crushed by whatever happened/said idk. But the point is if you have always had feelings for her, repair this and she will try her hardest"

"I know :/"

"I understand you’re confused, you just got out of a relationship and after saw Mika the same day. Which was wayyy too soon for your heart unless you didn’t care for your gf as much as Mika. But I’m going to root for you okay? I told her I’d try to talk to you and thank you for allowing it. I’m not here to yell or tell anyone their horrible. Just to understand and help where I can… She said she always could count on you. And this is something opposite of that so she’s confused as well. Now I did tell her perhaps could have been held somewhere to avoid it escalating to physical things just so it’s just about the heart and mind. But I do know things get carried away, so I get it. But I’ve never had her talk about someone like she talked about you. Even though she feels crushed she still talks so great of you and that’s rare. If you cross her or crush her, she closes up and shuts you out and you’re ridden off and a bad person. But she is saying how she likes you, can count on you and still wants to talk to you. Don’t ruin that for the both of you. Take a week at most for a breather, ok? Get your head together then take her somewhere, doesn’t have to be fancy, just make her feel special to have that conversation ok? I believe you two can be together and she’s willing to try, so it’s you now. If you ever need me to listen, give advice or anything you can message me."

"Thank you. Idk, honestly I know Mika better but maybe it was too soon. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen."

"I don’t doubt you know her better. But I know her pretty well too and I’m a third perspective. I know things get carried away but if you like her, do something about it! When you have time to get over your breakup ‘cause that’s pretty soon. So just relax but don’t shut her out."

I have never had someone do anything like this for me, I have never had someone understand both perspectives and still want to talk to me after something like this. I know Morgan has always been there, but she’s taken it to this next level. I am proud to call her my friend. I am even grateful that she was able to tell him how I feel in just a few words and be able to get something out of him even if it wasn’t a lot. It means so much to me. After they’re conversation and after thanking her a million times I messaged him.

"I just wanted to say how sorry I am for everything these past few days. You deserve your space and I’m going to give it to you. I will sit on my hands and do my best to not bother you but you mean a lot to me so when you’re ready to hang out and talk I’ll be here and when you’re ready to talk about what you want from us, I’ll be here too."

"I know. And I don’t want to lose you either."

It wasn’t much but I didn’t expect him to send me a fucking paragraph like I did. I don’t know, I just feel relieved and like things could get better. I’m not getting my hopes up or over-thinking or expecting anything. I’m just going to keep my hiatus going and when he’s ready to talk, I’ll be ready to listen and respond when necessary.

I just want things to get better for me and when he’s in my life, things are better, he also does a great job of making me better.


i don’t come on here enough.

i kind of hate this tumblr.

this one has been rotting.

I’ll just throw important texts on here every now and then.



Our first texts :P

waaa waaa

haven’t had the need to come on this tumblr.

I’m gonna make a post of my conversations with Tim.

Because let’s face it -

He’s the only reason I’ve been smiling lately.

I know what we have isn’t real but it’s nice having him around.

He brings out a different side of me and I like it. :)

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I feel that this should be a personal blog.

With just reblogs of certain loves I have….

Do people do that?

When planning story: This is great! I can go far with this.
When writing story: No I can't.
I created another tumblr so I can tumble more!!

I created another tumblr so I can tumble more!!